What is the opposite of austerity? Flat Track Stats. While the rest of the world appears to be cutting back, we are expanding our scope and providing the stats, rankings and displays that you’ve come to expect from us to more regions and more teams. Today we’d like to welcome Europe into the FTS fold.

Excited about the national championships? Can't wait to see who will win? FTS bracket predictor will tell you exactly who is going to win. Well not exactly, but super close.

We now track MRDA teams, and of course our bracket predictor will do it's best to tell you who will win the Gateway to Best in Saint Louis Missouri this weekend. 

Two feature updates this week! The bracket prediction tool from last year's championship returns for the upcoming tournament season. Use it to test the win probabilities of various matchups, or see the overall probability of your choice team making it all the way. This feature is available now for each regional, starting with the Thrill of the Spill this weekend.

Today we're rolling out total integration of MRDA bouts and a special frontpage for weekly MRDA action -- set your bookmarks to mrda.flattrackstats.com.

We're on a new server this morning, and if you're reading this from your blog reader and still can't get on, please try again later! Looks like most of the world is pointing to the new site, but there might be some smaller ISPs out there that still haven't gotten word of our new location.

We saw a lot of discussions over on DNN regarding MRDA rankings after the recent springroll tournament. We figured this was as good a time as any to show you a little more of what we're working towards.

Several things have happened recently that have encouraged us to bring a new feature into FTS. If you notice at the top menu bar, there’s now a Labs button. This will take you to our sandbox of things that are not yet ready for prime-time, but are interesting enough that we thought you’d like to see.

Big news at FTS! We're now taking on all roller derby teams and their bouts. See a list of new teams we have so far on the revamped teams page.

Not only is this expansion going to bring the same great archives and stats to non-WFTDA teams, but we're also going to be ranking many of these teams.

The 2012 edition of the Flat Track Stats ranking system is now live.

You can read more about what's different in this version, and see the docs to catch up on how this system works.

As the new season gets under way keep an eye out on this blog for more exciting features.  There's much more to come -- we've got big plans for 2012!

Now that my food coma is wearing off, I thought this would be a good time to go back and look at how the algorithm fared for the 2011 season. If we look at every bout from the end of Championships 2010 until the end of Championships 2011 (601 bouts in all), the algorithm correctly picked the winner in 491 of them (81.70%).