As the season comes to a close, we thought it would be nice to see a birds-eye-view of this past year. Check out the new Team Summary page.

Team Summary

We at FTS have been really excited about WFTDA's Big 5 Bracket Bonanza Game. So with the help of our stat ninjas, we whipped up a Bracket Prediction Tool. Check it out to see how your bracket stacks up!

Thanks to the quick work of the tournament NSOs, full jam-by-jam stats for Day 1 and Day 2 of the SC Regional Playoffs are already up. We will continue to import them just as fast as we get them. We at FTS would like to give a hearty thanks to the South Central NSOs for being really on the ball.

Just put up a big batch of bout stats -- more than 70 new bouts have been imported!

We've got stats from the 2010 Big 5 tournaments (Champs, Westerns, North Central), recent tournaments like The Golden Bowl, Anarchy in the UK, The Dust Devil, and a bunch of miscellaneous team submissions for recent bouts.

Quick note to say that jam-by-jam bout stats for the 2010 Western Regionals are now available.  Just click the bout stats icon (Bout Stats) anywhere a bout is listed to see this data.

If you've sent us statsbooks, thank you for helping us get this project off the ground!  We should have them up over the next couple weeks.

Some minor additions to the detailed bout stats we've been developing over here, and that's the bird's-eye-view Score per Jam Charts.  By framing team scores per jam in a few different ways, we can pull out some interesting bits of information.

Looking at Duke vs Bay Area from the 2009 Western Regionals.  Note that for each chart, green is who ultimately won, and red is who ultimately lost.  The first is Total Score per Jam:

I'm really excited to unveil the next big step for us at Flat Track Stats: we are now tracking detailed bout stats. Don't even bother reading this, just go check out a couple bouts: Duke vs Bay Area and Rocky Mtn vs Denver are some personal favorites. We're launching with the full 2009 Western Regionals to start, with some other tournaments to follow. And here's where we need your help.

Just updated the bout page to provide a lot more information for upcoming bouts and historical bouts.

The played bout version is much more helpful now by locking the resulting ratings to that point in time, as well as retaining all the prediction metrics from before the scores came in.

In this Behind the Scenes, we’ll take a look at how FTS decided to handle forfeits. This issue hit us broadly: bringing up potential problems with our algorithm, how we visualize forfeits, and where and if we would deviate from WFTDA’s policy.

FTS initially found out about a forfeit by ROSI from Bleeding Heartland’s Facebook page.

Pain Newton Comments:
I think I understand the algorithm, but I wish it took into account recent head to head wins. The current algorithm undermines itself by having a lot of top 10 teams that have beat teams recently ranked above them.  In the top 10 alone in the past 6 months, in head to head games Rocky beat Oly twice, Rocky beat Gotham, Denver beat Rose most recently, BAD beat Rose & Denver...