Love it!
It could benefit from a scale bar to represent how big home court advantage is.

The more I look at this, the more I notice that my screen is significantly wider than it is tall. Perhaps this should be oriented horizontally, with the teamname tags coming off at 45 degree angles from the morker. That way we could see a larger portion of the scale at a time.

Actually, it isn't just the ratio of my screen, since my browser (and I think most/all browsers) uses the top space for tabs and other info, and the bottom of my screen has my OS's taskbar. Meanwhile the sides go all the way to the edges of my screen, except for the tiny scrollbar on the right. The net result indicates I would be able to see nearly 2.5x more if the bar were horizontal instead of vertical.

Yeah thanks N8, it's a good point. What's most unorthodox about that is we'd have to break the FTS "frame" to travel horizontally -- a sort of landscape mode of the FTS header and such.

The next iteration I have hobbled together is a google maps type navigation where it's easy to zoom in and out, which may or may not alleviate what you're experiencing (and also deal with the tight team clumping).

It might be kind of cool for there to be a hover that shows where the team was last week relative to where they are this week along with their +/-.

Meh... Fun Project to figure out, but I don't see it as very useful.

I don't see my team listed. Rainier Roller Girls

They are there now. At the time of your post, they hadn't played enough (well, any) WFTDA sanctioned bouts, and thus, weren't included in FTS's WFTDA rankings.